Benefits of Opening Your Pool Early

Benefits of Opening Your Pool Early

Imagine sitting in your living room cooped up by the fireplace looking outside at your pool and wondering to yourself when the summer will hit. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the snow on your cover seemingly dissipate? We are here to tell you pool season can actually be much closer than you think.

Preventing Algae Growth

Every pool owner secretly fears algae, because it’s unsightly, slimy and hard to get rid of. The sooner you open, the more likely you are to find a cleaner pool when that cover comes off.  If you are using a mesh winter cover, sunlight is getting through, and your pool can become a breeding ground for various types of algae.

By opening your pool in the early months of spring, March and April, you will have a much less chance of algae growth. This, of course, will depend if you winterized your pool properly in the fall.

Keeping the pool clean and algae-free means catching it before it goes into full bloom.

Saving Money

Some may avoid opening their pool because they believe that running the systems for just a few more weeks will cause a drastic increase in energy costs. What if we told you that opening your pool earlier could potentially save you money? Aside from tending to minor damage before it develops into a major problem, opening your pool early can help keep your wallet full.

Opening your pool in March or April before it turns into the preverbal swamp can save you money in startup chemicals versus the cost of running the pool a couple of extra months.

True Blue Pools also has an annual spring sale in April so you can stock up on your supply of chemicals for the summer.

Enjoy the season longer

Another perfect reason to consider opening your pool in March or April is to actually enjoy looking out your backyard knowing for sure warmer weather is on its way, and you have this beautiful pool ready for warmer days.

Call today to reserve your spot on our schedule before it fills up!



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