Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy Pool Water

Nothing is more disappointing than walking out to your backyard and finding a cloudy pool! Most pool owners have struggled with cloudy water at least once. In order to clear the water, it’s important to find the cause of the problem.

What causes cloudy pool water?



Pool Water Chemistry

Pool Circulation/Filtration


Weather or increased bath load



These are the most common reasons for cloudy pool water. Let’s take a look at how to fix the them.

How do you fix cloudy pool water?

The first step is having your water tested.

In most cases, cloudy water is caused by off balance water chemistry. Mainly, low chlorine levels. Even in a salt sanitized pool, the chlorine level being low or non-existent can and will cause cloudy water. This can be fixed by adding the recommended dose of chlorine and/or salt to your pool.

Chemistry is fine, now what?

Poor circulation and filtration can be another cause of your cloudy issue. If the chemistry tests are all in range the next thing to do is to check your circulation system. Clean out the pump and skimmer baskets and check the pressure gauge on your pool filter. If the pressure reads 8-10 psi higher than its starting point, the filter needs to be cleaned, backwashed or possibly have the media (sand/glass) replaced inside it.

Still cloudy?

Even when chemistry is fine, the filter is clean and circulation is good, sometimes your pool water just needs a boost. Bad weather or an increased bather load can throw off the clarity of the water. At this point in time add a water clarifier. Clarifiers bring tiny particles together and form several larger particles so they can be more easily removed by your filter system. After adding clarifier make sure to run your pump continuously on high speed until your water clears.

Here at True Blue Pools we are dedicated to helping you maintain your pool’s clarity. We offer free water testing in store and are more than happy to balance your chemicals while on-site!


True Blue Pools is Lexington’s premier swimming pool retail and service provider. Our services include weekly service, pool openings, pool closings, pump & filter installs, vinyl liner replacement, spring cleanup, salt system install, safety cover install, light replacement, chemical delivery, and free in-store water testing. We are located at 3323 Partner Pl #5 Lexington, KY 40503 and can be reached at 859-523-0755


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