Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

As we usually say, the best part of owning a pool is enjoying the pool rather than maintaining it. True Blue Pools offers a range of different services to help maintain your swimming pool. Here are just a few:


We offer pool openings on all in ground pools regardless of type of cover. Our openings include removing and storing the cover, removing winter plugs, re installing pump plugs and baskets, and an initial dose of chemicals. We can also vacuum upon request as long as the bottom of the pool is visible.


Equipment Installs

We offer installation service on a wide range of equipment from heaters and pumps to sanitation systems and filters. The Pool Doctors are dedicated to getting you the right equipment for your specific pool.


Vinyl Liner Replacement

We replace many vinyl liners each year. We have a large selection of different patterns and offer expert advice on the entire installation process from measurement all the way to final installation.


Weekly/Bi-Weekly Service

True Blue Pools offers a routine maintenance service either every week, every other week, or even once monthly! During these visits we balance your chemicals, vacuum, brush your pool, and inspect all equipment to ensure proper function.



Our closing services are the opposite of the opening. We winterize your plumbing lines, equipment pad and install the cover. We also add winterizing chemicals to help keep your pool as clear as possible over the winter.


These are only a few of the services we offer, if you would like to get a full list please visit: or call us at 859-523-0755!



True Blue Pools is Lexington’s premier swimming pool retail and service provider. Our services include weekly service, pool openings, pool closings, pump & filter installs, vinyl liner replacement, spring cleanup, salt system install, safety cover install, light replacement, chemical delivery, and free in-store water testing. We are located at 3323 Partner Pl #5 Lexington, KY 40503 and can be reached at 859-523-0755


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