Sand vs Glass Filter Media- Which is Better?

Sand vs Glass Filter Media- Which is Better?


No matter what kind of filter media you use, the media does need to be changed so the filter keeps ridding the pool water of contaminants. If you leave it too long between changes, the filter can become clogged and be unable to do its job properly leaving your pool susceptible to cloudy water, imbalances or poor water circulation. Making a decision of sand or glass can be tough but read our suggestions below to see what we recommend.


Cleaning Ability


Sand will filter to about 30 microns.
Glass will filter down to roughly 5-10 microns. Even finer particles than cartridge filters.


Advantage: Glass




Sand filter media, generally speaking, requires four bags to fill the filter and is more cost effective.
Glass media since it is finer will only require roughly 50% fill capacity at a slightly higher cost but with more value.


Advantage: Sand


Sand media needs to be changed out every 3-5 years depending on the water and debris load that is going through the filter.

Glass media lasts about 2-3 times as long as sand filter media.

Advantage: Glass




Sand will require longer backwashing to clean the dirt out of the system as there is more volume of media to go through.
Glass media will backwash quicker as the material is lighter and less dense, so it floats better, resulting in faster cleaning. Faster cleaning also means less water usage.

Advantage: Glass


If you plan on staying with the house and pool for more than 6 years, glass media might be the choice as you will not have to pay to replace it again. The longevity, cleaning ability, and lack of backwashing is worth the price difference in glass. Better product = more money.



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