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09 Nov 5 FAQs About Pool Salt System Installation

Misconceptions about salt system installations lead many people to be misinformed about the purpose this pool maintenance mechanism serves. With help from True Blue Pools, you can get answers to all your queries regarding pool salt systems and their function. For nearly a decade, the experts...

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20 Sep Why a Pool Maintenance Routine Is Essential

Pool maintenance isn’t just about making sure your swimming pool looks fresh and clean — it’s about protecting anyone who swims in it. At True Blue Pools, in Lexington, KY, we stress the importance of adhering to an upkeep routine. Doing so ensures you’ll be able to...

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11 Aug True Blue Pools

When it comes to their pools, residents near Lexington, KY, put their trust in the team at True Blue Pools. Since 2009, these professionals have garnered a reputation as experts in the industry, able to serve as a one-stop-shop for any and all pool needs. From pool...

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