Why should you get your water tested weekly?

Why should you get your water tested weekly?

Pool water completely depends on the 2 main essentials, balance and harmony. Balance of everything will lead to zero issues with your pool, including cloudiness and algae. Water balance and testing both are extremely important for number of reasons.

  • It helps sanitizing chemicals to work effectively.
  • It lessens the chance for water problems.
  • It lengthens the life of your pool equipment.

Maintaining the pH balance in your water will ensure you get the most out of your sanitizing chemicals. For instance, in water with low pH, your water is more acidic and will eat up the sanitizer faster. This doesn’t give your sanitizer enough time to do its job properly. In this case, your water will do whatever it takes to increase its pH level. Your water wants to be balanced. It will start to take what it needs from PVC, vinyl, concrete, and other parts of the pool,  which can corrode and deteriorate your pool and equipment. A balanced pool keeps the water safe and can also keep your pool corrosion-free, adding to the life of your pool’s liner.

Stop in True Blue Pools to get your free 10 point water test and expert advice on how to keep your pool in harmony. After your 5th test in store you will get 15% off your next in store purchase.


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