Big Benefits of Above-Ground Pools

Big Benefits of Above-Ground Pools

Above-Ground Pool Benefits

Above-ground pools offer a convenient and budget-friendly way to enjoy a backyard pool. Unlike in-ground pools, which require extensive installation and high costs, above-ground pools can be set up in just a few days and at a fraction of the price.

Above-ground pools come in ready-to-assemble kits. Their simple snap-together construction using pre-formed walls and liners makes installation a breeze compared to the excavation and specialized labor needed for in-ground pools.

One of the benefits of above-ground pools is maintenance. Compared to inground pools, it is more convenient, as the pools’ above-ground structure simplifies access for cleaning and repairs compared to in-ground pools.

While smaller than some in-ground pools, well-designed above-ground pools still accommodate leisurely swimming and poolside recreation.

For those looking to add a pool to their backyard within a reasonable budget and without major renovation, above-ground pools are an excellent option to dive into hassle-free swimming.

True Blue Pools in Kentucky, with two store locations, one in Lexington, KY and the other in Georgetown, KY, offer modern above-ground pools with many advantages.

Above-Ground Pool Highlights

In addition to the benefits of above-ground pools noted above, below are a few highlights of our above-ground pools at True Blue Pools in Kentucky.

  • There are various sizes, from round: 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, and 30′ to oval: 15’x24′, 15’x30′, and 18’x33′.
  • The walls and railings feature clean, modern designs that complement any backyard aesthetic.
  • Sturdy snap-up uprights and robust base connections create an ultra-strong, durable frame structure engineered to withstand years of use.
  • All above-ground pools are made from 100% tough resin that resists damage from chlorine, salt, and UV rays.
  • The pool’s thick, durable, heavy gauge liner is designed for strength and to prevent leaks.
  • The thick, durable ledges provide secure footing and seating around the pool perimeter.
  • Adjustable ledge covers allow customization of ledge sizes and access points.
  • The above-ground pool walls are made from top-quality resilient materials that maintain their integrity over time.
  • High, stable wall rails keep the walls rigid and upright with their steel-reinforced design.
  • Integrated wire tube management keeps electrical cords and hoses neat and out of the way.
  • Robust foot connections securely anchor the pool frame into the ground for stability.

The Ideal Backyard Upgrade: Above-Ground Pools Offering Big Benefits

With their modern design, durable construction, and budget-friendly pricing, above-ground pools from True Blue Pools offer an excellent backyard upgrade.

To learn more about the many benefits of above-ground pools and how an above-ground pool can provide a convenient, affordable way to bring resort-style luxury to your home, contact True Blue Pools in Kentucky. Visit one of the store locations where knowledgeable pool representatives can discuss options to suit your space and lifestyle.

Or reach out by phone or online to have an expert help you determine the perfect size, layout, and features for your new above-ground pool from True Blue Pools.

Investing in an above-ground pool is an easy way to enhance your outdoor living area and create lasting summer memories with family and friends at home. Get started today by connecting with the experts at True Blue Pools!

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Big Benefits of Above-Ground Pools