Opening Your Pool

Helpful Steps To Opening Your Pool


Remove The Pool Cover

If you have a winter cover, drain as much of the water on top of it as possible before removing it. Then, when the cover is off, use Natural Chemistry Cover Cleaner to remove dirt and grime


Have The Fill Water Tested

By first testing your fill water, your GLB Dealer can warn you of possible problems before they occur. Then, bring a sample back to your dealer once you’ve filled the pool.


Add Water

Add enough fresh water to your pool to bring the water level to the desired height.


Check Pool Equipment and Plumbing

Before starting your pump and filter system, be sure all lines are open. Ensure the pump and skimmer baskets are in place and debris-free. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for starting your heater, filter and pump. Annually, always start the season with a dean filter. GLB Filter Fresh dissolves oil, hair and scale from sand, diatomaceous and cartridge filters.


Remove Debris From The Bottom of the Pool

Remove leaves, twigs and other large debris from the pool’s bottom using a leaf Rake. If you can’t see the bottom of the pool, you must perform this step exceptionally well. Because chlorine shock seeks out contaminants to oxidize, leaves will consume much of the chlorine residual. Therefore, a cloudy, debris-free pool is much easier to clear up, and shock treatment is much more effective.


Start Filtration System and Vacuum

Once your pool is full, start the filter and circulate the water. Next, add GLB Drop N Vac following the directions. This will help your filter remove small particles. Then hook up your vacuum system, manually vacuum the entire pool, and brush the walls.


Shock Treat the Water

When the pool is debris-free and has re-circulated overnight, shock treat the water by adding 1 pound of GLB SuperSonic, OxyBrite, or Granular shocks per 10,000 gallons. Be sure to follow the label directions for the proper way to introduce the shock treatment to your pool.


Stabalize the Water

Pool water needs to be stabilized or “conditioned” to prevent the rapid loss of chlorine by the sun’s UV rays. Add the recommended amount of GLB Stabilizer by dissolving it in a bucket of water before adding it to the pool. This will help reduce chlorine usage throughout the season.



Now you can chlorinate your pool with one of GLB Chlorine Products. When starting up your pool for the season, use an automatic feeder or twice the usual dosage indicated for your pool’s capacity. Then, allow pool water to re-circulate overnight.


Prevent Algae

By adding GLB Algimycin 2000, Strike Out, or Algae X, you kill existing algae and prevent algae from entering your pool.

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