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The Best Pool Equipment in The Pool Industry

Hayward Pool Products
pool equipment, pumps


Pool pumps that are genuine game changers engineered for versatility and performance.
We have a complete line of variable-speed pumps leading the way in the future. Our pumps are energy and cost-efficient, quiet and reliable, indeed an intelligent investment.
pool equipment, filters


State-of-the-art, industry-leading cartridge, D.E. and sand pool filters offering dependable, all-weather performance.

Our filters provide the most energy-efficient flows and come in various sizes, offering excellent quality, convenience and value.

pool equipment, heaters


We provide an advanced line of Hayward heaters. They are energy efficient and maintain the proper temperature needed for ultimate comfort.

We have small-footprint heaters and large ones with sophisticated capabilities and features for electric, natural and propane gas to heat pumps.

pool equipment, cleaners


We offer a full line of Hayward Pool cleaners for both inground and above-ground swimming pools.

Hayward’s cleaner technologies are proven to be reliable, driving superior performance and debris management.



Our sanitization systems for both inground and above-ground pools continuously sanitize.

Many systems, such as salt chlorinator systems, reduce chlorine costs by over fifty percent.

pool equipment, automation


Hayward Pool Products automation products deliver convenience. Smart control can be handled by a remote.

Equipment such as variable speed pumps, salt chlorinator systems, lighting and more can be controlled virtually from anywhere.

pool equipment, lighting


Who does not want to boost their pool’s personality? Well, now, undoubtedly, you can with the new Hayward Pool Product line of LED swimming pool lights.

Add automation, and your smart lighting is complete, setting the mood as you can incorporate color-changing lights and more.

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