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GLB pool chemicals were developed by Dr. Robert Stern, a microbiologist and founder of GLB. Since science and innovation continue to be at the forefront of these pool chemicals, the result is efficient water care and ease of use by pools pool owners.

From pool shock, pH, and algaecides to surface cleaners and others, every GLB® product is rooted in science. The GLB pool chemicals have been “The Gold Standard in Pool Care” for over sixty-five years, six decades.

View our complete line of GLb pool care products. Rest assured that your pool water will be healthy, clean, clear, and brilliant.

pool chemicals, clarifiers


Powerful, multi-purpose, fast-acting chemicals keep the water crystal clear, clean, healthy and safe. They remove organic particles that clog filters and cause cloudy water.

GLB® pool chemicals, water balancers


Balancers keep the water comfortable and protect pool surfaces and equipment as they balance pH, total alkalinity and mineral levels to control scale and stains.

Pool Chemicals, GLB® algaecides


Algae whether green, yellow, black or mustard can wreak havoc on a pool. Algaecides battle this problem to keep the water clean, clear and beautiful.

Pool Chemicals, Sanitizers


Have peace of mind knowing your water is free of contaminants, as they can cause illness to swimmers. Our sanitizers ensure the water is safe to swim in.

GLB® Pool Chemicals, Cleaners


All pools need TLC from top to bottom. Our pool cleaners clean tiles, liners, covers, concrete surfaces, saltwater generators and more. This is vital to extend the life of the pool and equipment.

GLB® Pool chemical Shock Treatments

Shock Treatments

When shocking pool water, the goal is to destroy bacteria, chloramines and various algae to raise the free chlorine level resulting in clean, clear and healthy water.

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