Pumps and Filtration

Best Tips for Maintaining the Pumps and Filtration System

The heart of any circulation system is the pump. Together with the filter, these two components function to provide uniform distribution of chemicals and removal of dirt, leaves and other debris.

An efficient circulation system needs to be operated for a proper amount of time each day to ensure sparkling clear water.

You can care for the system by ensuring the pump and skimmer baskets are clean and by cleaning or backwashing the filter. Be sure to follow the filter and pump manufacturer’s recommendations. Should problems arise, contact your authorized GLB dealer for help.

The Pump

For efficient operation, always make sure your skimmer and main drain lines are free of blockage. Check your skimmer basket and hair and lint trap frequently for debris. You should also make sure pool water is at the proper level to assure a free flow of water to the pump in order to avoid damage to the pump motor.

The Filter

You must periodically clean or backwash your filter. Check your pressure gauge reading and consult your manufacturer’s manual for the correct method for periodically cleaning and backwashing your filter. To assist in cleaning your filter, use GLB Filter Rinse.


Have your heater checked each season by a pool service company. For lighting the pilot and general operating instructions, refer to your manufacturer’s guide.

Keep in mind that if the filter is not working properly or the water is restricted, your heater may not function properly.

Automatic Chlorine Feeder

Prior to use, clean out any residue and make sure all lines are free of restrictions. Use only the type of chemical recommended by the manufacturer.

Never mix different types of chemicals in a feeder or automatic chlorinator. This will eliminate the possibility of an explosion and injury.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Use as often as necessary to maintain a clean, clear pool. Most cleaning units are designed to operate when the filtration system is running, so ensure your filter and pump are working properly.

Cleaning equipment made of plastic should be stored away from sunlight. Keep equipment away from your deck area to avoid tripping.

For pumps and filtration problems, contact True Blue Pools today.

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