Guide: Choosing the Right Pool Service for Your Luxury Pool

3d design of freeform pool with decking and waterfall and lounge chair area

Guide to Luxury Pool Service Owning a luxury pool is a dream come true for many. These pools perfectly combine aesthetic beauty, relaxation, and entertainment. However, maintaining a luxury pool requires more than just regular cleaning; it involves precise care to ensure it remains pristine. Luxury pools often come with intricate designs, high-end finishes, and […]

Secrets of Quality Pool Services: Mastering Perfection

tropical style pool with lots of green shrubs and trees surround it

Achieving Aquatic Excellence: The Secrets Behind Quality Pool Services Welcome to the realm of serene aqua bliss, where crystal-clear waters shimmer under the sun, inviting you to plunge into relaxation and fun. In this comprehensive guide, “Achieving Aquatic Perfection: Secrets of Quality Pool Services,” we’ll delve deep into the secrets of achieving and maintaining the […]

Pool Filter Guide: Sand vs. DE vs. Cartridge

swimming pool with spa and lounge chairs and large shrubs

Sand vs. DE vs. Cartridge: a Complete Guide In pool maintenance, achieving pristine water quality is paramount. A crucial component of this endeavor lies in selecting the right pool filter system. In this “Pool Filter Guide: Sand vs. DE vs. Cartridge” comprehensive guide, we will explore three types of pool filters: sand filters, cartridge filters, […]

Top-Rated Pool Professionals in Kentucky

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True Blue Pools is a top choice among customers when finding the best pool professionals in Kentucky. With retail pool store locations in Lexington, Georgetown, and a newly opened store in Richmond, Kentucky, True Blue Pools has established itself as a trusted name in the pool industry. The Retail Pool Stores True Blue Pools is […]

How Regular Pool Service Will Extend a Pool’s Life

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Maximizing Longevity: The Crucial Role of Regular Pool Service in Prolonging Your Pool’s Life A backyard pool is not just a luxury; it’s an investment in relaxation, recreation, and the aesthetics of your home. Regular pool service is paramount to ensure your investment holds its value and more. Understanding the importance of routine maintenance, the […]

Pool Start-Up Services & Supplies in Kentucky

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Dive into Excellence: Pool Start-Up Services and Supplies in Kentucky with True Blue Pools As the sun begins its ascent and the temperature climbs, Kentucky residents eagerly anticipate summer’s arrival. For many, this season brings to mind lazy days spent by the pool, soaking up the warmth and enjoying moments of relaxation. However, proper pool […]

How To Open Your Swimming Pool for the Season

taking a cover off of a pool

How To Open Your Swimming Pool to Be Ready to Swim As the winter chill begins to fade in Kentucky and throughout the mid to northern states, and the days get longer, many pool owners start thinking about the upcoming swimming season. Opening your pool for the spring season is an essential task to ensure […]

Schedule Your 2024 Pool Opening Early in Kentucky

a book open with pool in background with the words saying 2024 pool opening

2024 Pool Opening: Schedule Now! Opening your pool for the summer season is an exciting event that marks the beginning of sunny days, leisurely swims, and fun-filled gatherings by the water. In Kentucky, True Blue Pools has become the destination for pool enthusiasts looking to schedule their 2024 pool opening early and ensure a seamless […]

Off-Season Tips to Maintain Pool Cover

Off-Season Tips to Maintain Pool Cover

Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Cover: Off-Season Tips A swimming pool cover is a protective barrier, shielding your pool from debris, sunlight, and the elements during the off-season. Proper pool cover maintenance is essential to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. This guide explores off-season tips to keep your swimming pool cover in top condition, focusing on […]

How To Remove Snow From A Pool Cover

How To Remove Snow From A Pool Cover

Embracing the Chill: Wintertime Pool Cover Care As the winter season blankets the landscape in a serene layer of snow, pool owners face unique challenges in maintaining their pools and wonder how to remove snow from a pool cover. The arrival of winter brings a picturesque transformation to outdoor spaces. It necessitates a thoughtful approach […]