Does My Filter Media Need To Be Changed?

Does my pool filter media need to be changed?

Being a pool owner is great, but what gets on your nerves the most about your pool? Yes, the maintenance!

Over time you might have wondered why you can’t clear the water in your pool. If you have a sand filter, it could be time for a filter media change. We have seen numerous customers who have problems with cloudy water. Our question to them is, “When was the last time you did a filter media (sand) change?” Usually, the response we get is “I don’t know, remember” or “I didn’t know I had to”.

True Blue Pools recommends replacing filter media every 3-5 years. Why? Over time particles and contaminants become permanently attached to the sand causing higher filter pressure and constant back-washing to lower pressure. When water can’t pass through the sand properly, it can cause channeling in the sand bed, which causes the water to pass through the channels without being filtered.

We now offer three types of filter media replacement for your filters: sand, glass, and ruby sand.

AquaQuartz Pool Filter Sand

High-purity AquaQuartz pool filter sand cleans pool water and keeps it clear. AquaQuartz is an inert, odorless, ecologically safe pool filter sand that will not solidify and helps prevent clogging. It is thoroughly washed and graded to provide the purest, most closely-sized pool filter sand available.

Brightline Glass Filter Media

Made from 100% recycled materials, glass filter media cuts down on backwash time as well as loss of pool water and chemicals. Improves water clarity by 25% over sand—filters down to 5 microns, unlike sand, only 30 microns. Use 20% less media (by weight) than with sand. Environmentally sound and last 3 times longer than sand.

ZEO Ruby Sand Filter Media

Ruby Sand, porous ceramic, is a sand replacement used by the water filtration industry for many years. The primary reason for Ruby Sand’s rapid acceptance by the filtration industry is the improved clarity (3 to 5 microns) of Ruby Sand versus sand (20 to 40 microns).

Not sure where to start? Call True Blue Pools, and we can change the sand for you!

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Does my pool filter media need to be changed?