Swim Aids and Training Equipment

swim aids and equipment training

Swim Aids and Training Equipment: Building Confidence and Skills

In addition to an impressive array of pool floats, toys and games, Kentucky’s top supplier offers a wide range of swim aids and training equipment. These swimming pool products help individuals of all ages build confidence in the water and develop essential swimming skills. From beginners to advanced swimmers, these swim aids and training equipment can transform pool time into an educational and rewarding experience.

Swim Foats and Kickboards: Supporting Early Learners

Training aid floats and kickboards are crucial for beginners and young swimmers to build water confidence. Swim training floats support the body and keeps it buoyant while allowing the arms and legs to move freely. This helps children and inexperienced swimmers get used to being in the water without feeling overwhelmed.

Kickboards, on the other hand, provide additional support to the arms, allowing swimmers to focus on mastering their kicking technique. These aids are essential for teaching fundamental swimming skills and laying the foundation for more advanced strokes.

Swim Vests and Arm Floats: Gradual Independence

swim aids and equipment training

As swimmers progress in their abilities, swim vests and arm floats come into play. Swim vests offer buoyancy while leaving the arms and legs free to move, giving swimmers a sense of independence while providing a safety net.

Arm floats are designed to be worn around the upper arms and offer additional support, allowing children to fine-tune their swimming skills and gain confidence in the water.

Swim Fins and Snorkels: Improving Technique

Swimming fins and snorkels are fantastic training tools for swimmers ready to take their skills to the next level. Swim fins provide additional propulsion in the water, encouraging stronger leg movements and building leg strength. They are particularly beneficial for those learning advanced strokes like the butterfly.

Snorkels enable swimmers to breathe easily while keeping their faces submerged, allowing them to focus solely on improving their stroke technique without the interruption of turning their heads to breathe.

Swim Goggles: Clear Vision Underwater

swim aids and equipment training, goggles

Clear vision is vital for any swimmer, so Kentucky’s top supplier offers a collection of high-quality swim goggles. These goggles come in various sizes and styles to fit children and adults comfortably.

With anti-fog and UV protection features, swimmers can enjoy clear visibility underwater and protect their eyes from harmful sun rays. Whether exploring the pool’s depths or participating in underwater games, swim goggles enhance the swimming experience.

Swim Training Belts and Resistance Bands: Strength and Endurance

For those looking to improve their strength and endurance, swim training belts and resistance bands are excellent additions to their pool training routine. Swim training belts are tethered to a stationary object at the pool’s edge, allowing swimmers to swim in place and work on their technique and stamina.

Resistance bands can be used for various exercises, providing resistance during arm movements and helping swimmers build upper body strength.

Swim Noodles and Aqua Joggers: Fun and Fitness

swim noodles, True Blue Pools, KY
Swim Aids and Training Equipment 4

Swim noodles and aqua joggers add an element of fun and fitness to pool time. Swim noodles can be used in numerous ways, from floating and relaxing to providing support during water aerobics exercises.

Aqua joggers are buoyant belts designed to keep the upper body afloat, making jogging or running in the water an excellent low-impact exercise option for all ages.

Shop Today For Quality Swim Aids and Training Equipment

Kentucky’s top pool stores in Lexington and Georgetown have taken summer fun to a new level by offering a range of swim aids and training equipment.

From supporting early learners with training swim floats and kickboards to providing advanced swimmers with swim fins and snorkels, our True Blue pool retail stores cater to every individual’s swimming needs, including swim goggles, to ensure clear underwater vision, swimming noodles for those seeking a fun and fitness combination and so much more.

With our comprehensive selection of swim aids and training equipment in Lexington, KY, Georgetown, KY and beyond, residents and commercial property pool owners can enhance pool experiences, boost confidence in the water, and take swimming skills to new heights.

Whether it’s a leisurely dip or a serious training session, the pool becomes a place of enjoyment, learning, and accomplishment for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. So, dive in and make a splash with these fantastic swim aids and training equipment for a summer full of aquatic adventure!

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swim aids and equipment training